You, your dishes, your friends & your spots. Share your food pictures on MazeFood!


How MAZEFOOD works

Basically a common user can subscribe to the website directly, or by logging in through his/her existing social profile, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and then create a content of these two kind: Article and Recipe.

For these two content type, the way to proceed is almost the same:

  • Take one or more picture and save them on the harddisk of the computer or in the memory of the smartphone, tablet, digital camera

  • Open in a window of your browser the URL  and login

  • Select the desired content type to be created (article, recipe)

  • Write a proper title (the name of the dish or recipe), so that it'll be easier to search and find it

  • Load the pictures from pc or smartphone, tablet (Select File → Load)

  • Inside the Body frame you can write a description of the picture, of the place where it was taken, your impressions about that food, or in case of a recipe, how to prepare it. The only requirement is that your text refers to the taken picture(s)! By the way, this field isn't mandatory.

  • If the content type allows it, you can flag the option Only my friends to let only users flagged by you as friends to view your article. However, letting everybody see it would be lovely from you. Anyway, you can change that option anytime.

  • Select an appropriate category from the menu. If you aren't sure about which category your content is suitable for, please check the voice Tags description from the menu.

  • In case you are writing an Article, it is important to bind it to a position on the map. This can be accomplished in two different ways, but it is important to note that ONLY ONE SHOULD BE USED, it's up to you to chose the preferred one. If you're using a smartphone or tabled with enabled GPS system, then in the frame Your position you should see your current coordinates; if you press the button Find Position you would be asked to enable the position localization (allow this if your device provides a GPS, otherwise deny it) and consequently the coordinates form will be automatically filled. This is the preferred way you your device provides a GPS, and you're still in the same place where your picture was shot. If the GPS doesn't work because there's no signal or you prefer to write your article later at home, you can still manually insert the address, starting from the nation. Anyway, just note that you can modify the address binded to your article at any time, by editing it, usuful in case of errors. Although filling the coordinates form isn't mandatory, without them your content won't appear on the map, and therefore it'll be more difficult for others to find. Again, remember that you can still add the address later, anytime, but it's very important that when you write an article, OR the address field OR the Find Position field must be filled.

    In case you're writing a Recipe content type, the geolocalization feature isn't available, because we don't want unknown people to suddenly appear in front of your home Smile

  • You can flag the voice Add to bookmarks to bookmark a content, if you wish.

Once finished, you can view the Preview of the new content and then save it, or directly save it.

In the Navigation menu you can see some useful  links. From there, you can find the different dishes on the maps, surf through the different categories, check the position associated to a dish picture, get a category description and much more: just click on the links and find out what you can do!

When you view an article, you can see a frame called Direction: there are the coordinates of the position of the place where the picture was shot, and a chess flag: by clicking on it a new page will be displayed, with a map showing a mark as the position of the above mentioned picture as your possible destination. In the empty form above you can insert an address, for example your actual position, or if you prefer the faster way, and have the GPS enabled on your smartphone, just click on Find Position to automatically find out your position. When you can see the coordinates filling the form, another mark will appear on the map, and by clicking on the button Get directions the shortest way to reach your destination will be displayed. In case the position of the marker isn't  right, you can still drag it on the map (point the cursor on it and then keep the left button of the mouse pressed) and then click on Get directions to get the new direction. Below the map the instructions to reach your destination are shown. Options to chose a different transport are also available, but can be less precise.


Pictures are the most important part of every content. Therefore you should do your best to take them in the right way (put the dish at the center, get the right light, don't move the camera…). However some best practices for this website exist as well.

First at all, remember that the subject of the picture must be the dish, the food, and NOT the people around, the landscape, the buildings, furnishings, etc. People around can be important for you, but not for an unknown visitor who come to see your post. Therefore, if possible, try to avoid displaying persons in your pictures. Moreover, remember that in many countries there're strict privacy laws which forbid to take pictures of individuals and publish them without their EXPLICIT permission, especially if they are minors. A possible solution is to obscure their faces by using a photo editing program (a black stripe on the face for example).

Anyway, if you have the explicit consent (better if written) of ALL the persons in the picture, you can still publish the picture of the dish with those persons. Please keep in mind that if we found that a picture is showing only people and not food / dishes, if the last one is only partially visible or doesn't represent the essence of the picture, the administrators of this website reserve to themselves the right to ask you to modify or remove that picture, but could also directly remove it without a previous notification, in case of serious violations of our policy or law. Images not related to the environment of the website (food, dishes…) will be deleted without any notification, and the user who posted them, will be subjected to sanctions by the administrators, which could bring to the suspension or cancellation of the user's account on Mazefood's website: spam won't be tolerated.

If you want to put more dishes inside a single picture, you can do it. You can group all the food and plats on the table and then take a picture, or you can take a single picture of every dish and then put them together thanks to a photo editing program, if you already have such software installed on your computer or smartphone. What you can get is a kind of picture collage that you can upload inside your post.  Please keep in in mind that there'are limits abou the size and resolution for the images that you intend to upload; in case they are too big you can still resize them.


This website makes use of a point system to reward users' activity. The amount of points awarded is visible in the user's profile page. Points will be awarded when:

  • user logins on MazeFood through his/her already existing social profile of one of the platforms available (Facebook, Twitter, Plurk...)

  • when the user creates a new content (excluded posts on the  forum)

  • by commenting others' content

  • by evaluating other's content through the 5stars system, where from 1 to 5 stars can be assigned to a content. The star system provides an evaluation of the content, while the point system is related to the user, in an independent way.

Points can be also subtracted from the user:

  • when the user deletes his own content

  • when the user deletes his own comment

  • when the administrators of MazeFood see any wrong behavior by the user and decide, at their sole discretion, to punish him by subtracting some points

The points system is actually in an experimental phase


On Mazefood's website you can label other users as your friends, like in Facebook for example. To accomplish this, once logged in, click on the link Users in the Navigation menu. Fill the form Name with the ID of your friend and click the button Apply; if it is found, the user name of your friend will appear. Click on it, and his/her profile page will appear; click on Add friend and then write down an optional  message to that user (“Hi, I'm … please add me to your friends list”), before sending your friendship request. Your friend will then see your friendship request in his profile page, under the tab Friends → Friend Requests and will be able to approve or deny it.