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La Tinaia Neapolitan Pizza

1f355- 2 If you want to eat a REAL Neapolitan pizza, this restaurant is the right place for you. From the first picture, the pizzas are:

  1. margherita
  2. romana
  3. buffalo's mozzarella cheese

Should I say they were delicious? 1F60B The best I've ever eaten 1F44D No Pizza Hut here ROFL

It is also a restaurant, therefore they also cook fish etc, bruschetta, and the Italian gelato. Next time I want to try the fish, there are many different plates fish Least but not least, it's very cheap: 4 pizzas, 1 beer, 1 cola, 2 glasses of wine, only 39€ ! Yahoo

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Latitude: 40.736888175201
Longitude: 13.861281351067
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