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築間幸福鍋物 Japanese hot pot

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A Japanese hot pot restaurant in Beitun district in Taichung, called 築間幸福鍋物. There you first chose the soup base, included the vegetables, than the main dish and the side dishes. We were 6 hungry customers, and ordered stone base soup and one herb flavored soup with Chinese medicine. The list of dishes in the pictures are (clockwise order from top left corner), as written in the English menu:

築間幸福鍋物1: vegetables platter, herb flavored base soup with Chinese medicine, herb flavored hot pot with Chinese medicine cooking, dried dofu

築間幸福鍋物2: beef hot pot, boneless chicken thighs with clams hotpot, dofu paper, stone soup base

築間幸福鍋物3: marbled beef, boneless chicken thighs with fish fillet, pork shoulder hot pot, golden shrimp balls

築間幸福鍋物4: mixed fish fillet hot pot, youtiao, stone hotpot cooking

Moreover, it's all you can drink, and all you can eat ice cream! Drinks

Excellent food, nice place, reasonable price, better to make a reservation 1F39F otherwise expect to wait for a long time during rush hours.


No. 455號, Chongde 9th Road, Beitun District
Taichung City TXG 406
Latitude: 24.186760000000
Longitude: 120.685350000000
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