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小旬湯 金門 Shabu Shabu

Kinmen's picture

Japanese shabu shabu is very popular in Taiwan. Close to the bus station of Jincheng there's 小旬湯 金門. The place is not very big, but there's enough place if there aren't too many custumers eating together at the same table. The quality of the food is not bad, but lower if you're used to the restaurants in Taipei or Kaohsiung. The white rice has disappointed me... 1f35a- 2 Quantity per person is reasonable, as well as the price. Not much place for cars to park, better to come by motorcycle.

A bit confused by the service: waiters keep running up and down like the balls of a flipper... 1F 626 Hey guys, it's ok to serve customers quickly, but if you go on like this you'll get a hearth attack 1F 632 . Is it the property asking them to run like crazy whiplash窩ㄅ知道...

Jincheng Township Kinmen County 893
Latitude: 24.436250000000
Longitude: 118.318180000000
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