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松閤餐廳 restaurant in Alishan National Forest Recreation Area

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A lunch @ 松閤餐廳. Situated insided Alishan National Forest Recreation Area 1F3D 4 , it offers traditional dishes of the Taiwanese cuisine, especially appreciated by old people. It provides breakfast and buffet too. It's mainly for big touristic groups. The service can sometimes look a bit harsh: waiters running up and down, not so willing to listening to customers, and sometimes too loud too. The place in Alishan township can be reached by 1F 699 , 1F68C or the old 1F 682 Wide 1F17F there's also an 1F3E 7 . Be careful to bring wind jacket and umbrella even it the weather looks sunny; in the mountains it can quickly change 1F32C 

Our menu:

梅乾扣肉 Dried plum

清蒸鱈魚 Steamed cod

炸豆腐 fried tofu

百香果 Passion fruit

筍乾豬腳 Dried pig's feet with bamboo shoots

紅豆包 Red bean buns

金針湯 Golden Needle Soup

 甕缸雞 Special roasted Chicken

Decent food, especially chicken and fruit.

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Latitude: 23.510672000000
Longitude: 120.803503000000
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