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Kinmen's 的頭像

One day on the way home, I've stopped in this restaurant "on the road", 活蝦料理. Yes, litterally, sitting places are on the road. Fortunately there was also a table under the roof, so that kids won't be close to the road, 1F 699 are all around. It is a good place where to eat 1f 990 , as you can see from the first picture:

之奶油蝦 Creamy Shrimp
鹹酥蝦 Salted Crispy Shrimp
香菇雞湯 Mushroom Chicken Soup
蒜頭蝦 Shrimp with garlic
乾麵滷肉飯 Dried noodles, braised pork rice

The shrimps were excellent Slurp

In the second picture, 綜合滷味 (stewed meat and vegetables in soy sauce) and 烤肉&活蝦料理之麻油麵線 (1F 362+1F35C), taken from another close place: in Taiwan you can do this Pleasantry By the way I didn't eat them, they have quickly disappeared... 1F 611



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