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Waffle Pin Pin Cha Bar 品品蜂蜜桂花雞蛋仔

Kinmen's 的頭像

One of the most popular cake in Taiwan (also in Hong Kong) is this waffle or egg cake 1f95a . It's a caloric Bomb Many food chains around Taiwan prepare this cake, and it's very important to note that they can prepare it in hundred different ways! With confetti, or chocolate 1F36B , syrup, etc. Kids go crazy for it. But not only kids: you can easily spot a quite long queue at the stall where it is made Lol . The one in the picture is with honey: you don't need anything else for a whole day if you are able to eat it all Blush . Of course the Pin Pin Cha Bar also serves tea and coffee, so that you can better digest your waffle 1F 606

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台北 TPE 110
Latitude: 25.038960000000
Longitude: 121.567400000000