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Lunch in the remote uninhabited island of Dadan: 炒泡麵

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Have you ever had lunch in an uninhabited island? It could look like a paradox, but it's what happens if you experiment this rare occasion. Since this year the Kinmen government has opened the island of Dadan - 大膽 to guided tours (only guided groups, not alone) 1F6A3.png . If you join a tour, among the other things, they'll offer you a very special meal: soldier's style instant noodles 1f 961 , best known in Chinese as 炒泡麵. This is what soldiers were used to eat there, until the army left the island to the local coast guard. A very though place where to live, especially during the 50s and 60s, they only had instant noodles, occasionally with vegetables, or meat, or egg. Infact in the tour, you can chose instant noodles with meat or vegetarian, both with 仙草, a kind of brew made of that healthy plant. Of course, the food is nothing special, but this let you appreciate more and more what you can eat in your daily life in these days. 1F 594

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Latitude: 24.394020000000
Longitude: 118.160760000000
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