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山井水產 in Kinmen

Kinmen's 的頭像

This place in Jincheng town is one of the favorite by the locals. It is suitable for big groups, because outside there're big round tables, kids are free to run everywhere, and being an open space you can smoke. However they won't kick you away if you are just 2 whiplash But it could happen that the owner asks you to share the table with other customers. It's always full, not easy to find a place, unless you are there when they open, around 5pm, there's a good chance that you'll need to wait, especially during rush hours (7pm - 8pm especially). You maybe would like to know why it is so crowded... Well, I've red many comments saying that to food is so so or not that good (too much salt), very expensive, and especially complaying that the service is very slow. I could agree with the last one, although by going there after 9pm I waited about 30 minutes. But for me the dishes were good: 酥炸中卷, 炸龍珠, 炒飯炒青菜, maybe the vegetables were a bit too salty, but when we talk about fish... well fishes, mollusks, crabs, they are all salty by themself, what's the meaning of complaining about that?? If you don't like that, then eat a cup of white rice 1f35a- 2 1F 621 

For sure the price is above the average of other places in Kinmen, but it is in the downtown, there's a lot of place and easy to reach. There must be a reason if it's always full, depite some unfavourable comments...

One reason must be that, respect to the other restaurants in the island, this and the neighbour, are the only which keep open until midnight! Yes, midnight! In Kinmen! So late! Almost time for breakfast here ROFL !

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Jincheng Township Kinmen County 893
Latitude: 24.432940000000
Longitude: 118.314920000000