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嘉義縣阿里山松閤餐廳 - shabu shabu

Ritratto di Kinmen

Inside the enchanted forest park of Alishan, I've had shabu shabu lunch in that restaurant with my tour group. The place is at the railway station 1F 682. A lot of tourists around, because it's vacation time in Taiwan. Many tours 1F68C despite the big 1F17F many cars were parked along the road. The usual shabu shabu: decent food, a special mention for the 1F 344 and the trout fish. The boar was good, but in the plate there were more onions than meat 1F 627 Very unformal place btw...

Alishan Township CYQ 605
Latitude: 23.467050552368
Longitude: 120.718170166020
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