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白帶魚米粉湯 - 金瓜石

Kinmen's picture

Walking along the narrow roads of 金瓜石 in New Taipei City, I've stopped in this open space restaurant, 白帶魚米粉湯. It's attached to another restaurants, difficult to understand where to sit, because they almost share the same place Pardon Here you can eat porridge, noodles but especially fish and seafood. My choice was fried squid and rice noodles with taro and beltfish. Depending on the temperature of the day, you can opt for a hot or cold dish. Or both Slurp The fish is always fresh, they keep bringing it during the day, and therefore there are cats around.

No. 43, Qitang Road, Ruifang District
New Taipei City TPQ 224
Latitude: 25.109690000000
Longitude: 121.859840000000
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