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Restoran Martina - Senj

Eaten in this touristic zone of Croatia, I was expecting a higher price. Respect to other restaurants around, it is 1F4B 8 For the fried squid +french fries, €13. By eating here you also pay for the wonderful view of the sea 1F3D 6 Unformal, sometime too much too... We have order fried squid with french fries, seppia tagliatelle and a salad with meat. You can find local dishes as well as plates of the Italian cuisine and some. It is a place for tourists. The quality of the food was good, but I've heard some customer complaining about his dish, I didn't understand why though... Imho fish should be the best choice but I don't take any responsibility Beee

Ul. Filipa Vukasovića 23
53270 Senj
Latitude: 44.828815460205
Longitude: 14.985679626465
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