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Magical shrimp ramen 一幻蝦拉麵

Kinmen's picture

Some time ago I went with a friend to eat in this ramen restaurant in Taipei, which is part of a restaurants chain from Hokkaido. The reservation is recommended, it's always full, and it can happen that you need to wait some minute before taking your seat; lunchtime during the week is the best time, Imho. Once finished your meal, don't expect to take your time to keep chatting: on you must (pay) go away. If not, they will begin to stare at you, keep asking if you intend to order something else... If you don't understand that you began to stink, they will probably free the bulldogs... Lol Foreigners sometimes consider this a rude behavior , since it's quite common, but hey... business is business 1F4B 0

Anyway, the Japanese ramen is delicious 1f35c- 2 , hard to chew not like those you usually find in Taiwan where they are often overcooked. I liked the shrimps, and also the soup very much, because it wasn't insipid. Price around 200NT$. If you like it hard... try it! ROFL

Xinyi District, Songshou Road, 30號
Taipei TPE 110
Latitude: 25.035710000000
Longitude: 121.568050000000
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