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Let's say the truth: there aren't so many places where to eat in Lesser Kinmen Boredom . At least not like on the main island. However there you can still find the old flavours and tastes of the good old times. For example 小金門妙香餐飲店雙人套餐之炒泡麵, which is in the east side of Lesser Kinmen, always gets the visitors' favor. it's not a case if it's always full, both locals and tourists are willing to wait for a plate of the tasty noodles, rice etc. Don't be afraid if the place looks small (yes, it is) and full of traffic of people going in and out from the kitchen, it is worth a try, I warmly recommend it to the lovers of the authentic traditional Chinese cuisine. Here you can see 雙人套餐之炒泡麵 and 什錦炒麵, two different plates of fried noodles 1F35C

Lieyu Township Kinmen County 894
Latitude: 24.430685043335
Longitude: 118.242378234860
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