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Asian Cuisine and Sushi - La Cova

Really difficult to describe this restaurant Asian Cuisine and Sushi 1F 363 . For a fixed price, which depends on the day of the week, lunch, dinner, etc, you can eat everything you want per time interval, which will be told you at the beginning; this depends on how many guests are eating at the same table. More people, more time. But don't expect to stay there for 3 hours, that's not allowed. Anyway this is an All You Can Eat restaurant, very popular in Padua. Believe me or not, if you didn't book, and even if you did, expect a long queue outside in the week ends. They also deliver the food to your home if you want. Good price, excelent food, nice service, no wonder it's always crowded. If you succeed in finding a sitting place, the Chinese, Japanese, Thai 1f 962 dishes will make your mouth watering 1F 631 . Look at my pictures and tell me it isn't true! Sushi seems to be very popular among the guests, but also the fried seafood 1f364- 2 and tempura. They prepare every different kind of sushi and sashimi 1f363- 2 ; it's a kind of food paradise 1F 602 You also won't miss noodles 1f35c- 2 and rice 1F35A Drinks 1f37a- 2 aren't included in the fixed price. Be prepared to explode... Bomb

via Pietro Fortunato Calvi 20
35122 Padova PD
Latitude: 45.408680000000
Longitude: 11.878140000000
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