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Bubble Tea in Padua

My friends introduced me to the Milky Tea shop in Padua, close to the train station. Although not very popular among Italians, the bubble tea cup with straw is very famous among Chinese and Asian people, especially young customers. I've been told that the shop also tooks orders by a Chinese messaging app called WeChat. In fact, inside that small tea shop you can always spot Chines customers living in Padua, waiting for their refreshing bubble tea. Everybody says that it is one of the best place where to enjoy this drink, and not just in Padua. Therefore I went there too, and got my tea Preved My friends were right, absolutely delicious, refreshing, and with so many different flavours which push you to go back as soon as possible: really difficult to decide Mosking

Corso del Popolo, 61
35131 Padova PD
Latitude: 45.416310000000
Longitude: 11.879170000000
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