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🌶 spicy lunch at Yu Shan Fang restaurant in Padua

This time after Venice I went to Padua, where I have had a nice lunch in a Chinese restaurant in the downtown. A #pornfood paradise Lol That place is famous for its spicy cuisine 1f336- 2 Really spicy... 1F32C They offer Chinse and Japanese food. First at al, I've been dilighted to see the huge amount of dishes available. You can find the menu in Italian and Cinese on their Facebook page: [NOTE: this URL has been verified by the administrator of] Since my friends already knew the place I've trusted them for the dishes. Chinese Noodles and rice, spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, seafood, fish, intestine, heart, cooked in different ways, as you can see from the pictures. Especially the soups were spicy 1F 605 The food was deliciou, if you like the Chinse cuisine (or Japanese) and the spicy food, I definitely recommend that restaurant.

Inside there's enough place for mediun size groups (8/10 guests x 2 tables), while the other tables are smaller (but can be moved). The price is good, if you want to know it exactly, you can check the link of the menu above. 

corso del popolo 37
35131 Padova PD
Latitude: 45.415440000000
Longitude: 11.878960000000
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