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Osteria Bacco in Venice

This restaurant, quite close to the well known San Marco square, offers many different dishes; from sandwiches, appetizers, drinks, to many typical Italian dishes: pasta, pizza, fish, seafood. Inside there's not much place where to sit. My friends went there already a couple of times; we have ordered spaghetti nero di seppia, tagliatelle gamberi and zucchini, spaghetti alle vongole. But I have to say that despite it wasn't the first time there, some of the food wasn't that good. Especially it was lacking salt, and the pasta was a bit weird.... I don't know well how to express it.... Anyway it looks like a typical place for tourists, like most restaurants in Venice; good for visitors, but often less good for locals and those who know what the real Italian cuisine is. Since you're in Venice, don't expect cheap prices. However here it wasn't too expensive: from 10 to 14€ / pasta plate. Bit if you want to spend more, feel free to order fish, wine etc.

Campiello, Campo Santi Filippo e Giacomo, 4621
30122 venezia VE
Latitude: 45.435100000000
Longitude: 12.341370000000
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