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俊輝碳烤 - 串燒烤肉店 BBQ

Kinmen's picture

This restaurant on Jinhu is a nice and casual place with an old times atmosphere. The main dish is meat, since it is basically a BBQ 1f 969 , but if you are vegetarian, don't worry, you can enjoy for example ramen 1F35C , tofu, vegetables 1f 966 , seafood 1f 980 There's not that much place inside, sometimes it's a bit crowded and therefore it can happen that you need to wait for a while, especially during the week end. Inside, the smell of the mouthwatering food let you feel very hungry, especially the smell of the meat on the grill.

The plates which we have ordered are, in clockwise order:

餛飩麵 Wonton noodles

烤燒烤 Grilled barbecue

海鮮麵 Seafood noodles

海鮮粥 Seafood congee

The price is a bit over the average 1F4B 8 service not very quick, but this isn't such a big problem here Biggrin

Jinhu Township Kinmen County 891
Latitude: 24.433810000000
Longitude: 118.419020000000
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