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Taro shaved ice, a typical dish of Lieyu, at 蔡師傅手工麵線

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Maybe not everybody knows that apart from its cultural and historical heritage, Kinmen offers a wide range of typical food, coming from the traditional Chinese cuisine. Somebody could think that there's no difference between a plate of beef noodles made in Kinmen and one made in Taiwan, China or Hong Kong. But there is! And it's the same for many other popular dishes, like congee for example. Moreover there are other dishes which you can find only in Kinmen (or nearly only here), and only in certain restaurants.

Take for example the taro / sweet potato 1f360- 2 , a typical product of Kinmen, used to prepare different dishes. Probably the most typical, the one which let you immediately think about Kinmen is the 紅豆芋圓芋頭刨冰. You can find it for especially in Lieyu township, at 蔡師傅手工麵線 for example, because Little Kinmen has many taro fields. It's near the August 23 Artillery Battle Victory Monument. What's that? Well, the Yùtou Bīng is taro shaved ice! A sort of taro ice cream... It's served with a variety of sweet toppings on a bed of shaved ice, as you can see from the first picture. If you like the sweet potato you absolutely must try it! It is more than a simple dish, it's part of the culture of this place, of the daily life of farmers and people.

Actually it is a dessert, we have eaten it at the end of the meal. Before we have ordered 炒拉麵 (2nd picture), stir fried spicy noodles (known in HK as chow mein), 海市蜃蚵, a noodle soup with seafood 1f35c- 2 , and 芋凰丸, taro balls. Everything is delicious. And fresh! Really fresh and made with local products. Healthy, low environmental impact.

About the restaurant, 蔡師傅手工麵線, inside you can find enough place for medium size groups too. Informal, friendly service & good price Good



烈嶼鄉 Kinmen County 894
Latitude: 24.430685043335
Longitude: 118.242378234860
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