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Breakfast at Ouyang yanglou

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早安! Breakfast in Oucuo - 歐厝, in Kinmen county, in the traditional 民宿 of the Ouyang family. Which do you prefer?

Westen style coffee and cake 1F 370  2615 OR

Local style Yóutiáo (油條), Shāobǐng (燒餅), Guangdong Congee 1f35a- 2 and a cup of milk tea ?

Unlike the crispy Taiwanese Yóutiáo, the Kinmen version is softer and chewier. It tastes a bit like an unsweetened donut. Usually eaten at breakfast, Yóutiáo fit perfectly with a bowl of Guangdong Congee. 

Shāobǐng (in the picture it is the one cut in two pieces) is a light flaky pastry which comes in 2 versions, savory and sweet. The savory one has a minced pork and green onion filling. You can find them in Taiwan and Mainland China too, but they're different.

歐厝 60 號
Jincheng Township Kinmen County 893
Latitude: 24.415254592896
Longitude: 118.304702758790
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