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金門老孫牛排 is an unformal restaurant in the downtown of Jincheng, close to the old house of Qui Liang Gong. It's a small place, with few tables, well known by locals but not by tourists (yet) Secret . Don't expect a wide choice of dishes. There're few, but worth to try. I've heard some customers (tourists) complaining about the price, but, hey, look at the pictures! The plates are huge! They cook different kind of meat with noodles. We have ordered 黃金雞排 (chicken, noodles, egg) and 沙朗牛排 (beef, noodles, egg) in black pepper and mushrooms sauce (蘑菇醬和黑胡椒醬). I can't say anything but SUPERB! The sauce 1F35B was delicius, not too spicy, not too light, ideal for the noodles. The meat was tender, very easy to cut and chew 1f357- 2 . If you look at the mouthwatering pictures, try to imagine the that amazing combination of flavours inside your mouth, the smell of the curry pervading the room and entering your nose, until it reaches the brain; the smell is strong, but if you're used to the spicy cooking, it won't bother you. At the opposite, it will let you feel very hungry 1F60B I wouldn't call them delicacies Lol but REAL food! Definitely worth to try. But don't spread the voice, keep it as a secret between you an me, ok? Ok

金城 Kinmen County 893
Latitude: 24.432490000000
Longitude: 118.317880000000
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