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丹丹漢堡 Fastfood

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One of the most famous fastfood in Taiwan is 丹丹漢堡 - Dandan Hamburger. It is so popular that you'll need to be prepared to face a long queue before ordering your food. Next you'll need to wait (less than the queue, fortunately) to get your menu, but if you think you'll finally be able to sit and enjoy your meal, you're wrong! In fact those fastfoods offer just few sitting places, and the guys there aren't very willing to stand up to leave the place for you. Moreover, consider that many workers from the outskirts go there to get their lunch and possibly spend their time there before going back to work. Therefore it's better to bring back home your food, or look for a place where to sit under the shadow, otherwise during the Summer you could cook yourself better than a boiled egg... 1F 373

Now you'll think "Due to all those circumstances, is it really worth to get all that stress for an hamburger?" Well, many Taiwanese think so, even because they consider such fastfood chain to be healthier than the famous American chains.

Our set includes:

Milk Tea cup with straw , Orange Juice, Chicken burger 1F 354 , Chicken nuggets and the famous soup with noodles and pork. But i bet you would like to know about the taste, right? Well, it's definitely GOOD! 1F60B


No. 53號, Sanduo 2nd Road, Lingya District
Kaohsiung KHH 802
Latitude: 22.620840000000
Longitude: 120.326220000000
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