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Sometimes recognized as Tea House, other times as Japanese restaurant, 茶寮侘助 is a very special place where to eat in Taichung. First at all, they provide typical Japanese food, but don't expect to find a huge selection of dishes. This because... actually it's a home restaurant. It's a small place, not suitable for groups. Tables max 4 persons. And many rules to follow if you want to eat there: you must book thhe table; if you've booked but don't go without telling the owner, after the second time you'll be blacklisted and can't go there anymore. No kids admitted, and probably also no noisy people. You can order your dishes only at the beginning, no further orders allowed. Maybe there are other rules, but I don't remember them now. Actually all those rules were created to keep a certain level of service (there're only 2-3 employees) for a certain level of customers. This is understandable, because the restaurant is inside a home, and therefore you can't allow kids running everywhere, people disturbing other customers or leaving waste everywhere.

We began with Japanese mocha tea and tofu 1f375- 2 , then udon and curry 1F35C 1F35B . At the end desserts, mocha pudding, taro ice cream 1F 367 1f360- 2

The food was excellent, and we've appreciated much the environment, familiar and quiet.

No. 5, Lane 205, Jinhua Road, East District
Taichung TXG 401
Latitude: 24.149100000000
Longitude: 120.693530000000
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