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Kinmenese dinner at 金門集成餐廳

Kinmen's picture

集成餐廳 in Kinmen is quite famous restaurant, 1F60B very appreciated by locals. You can taste some of the typical dishes of Kinmen there. From the top left corner of the picture, moving clockwise, we have:

  1. 綜合滷菜 - Mixed pot-stewed dish
  2. 糖醋魚片 - Sweet and sour fish fillet
  3. 地瓜葉 - Sweet potato leaves
  4. 酸辣湯 - Sour and spicy soup
  5. 炒雞丁 - Fried chicken
  6. 鍋貼 - Fried dumplings
  7. 冷凍蹄䠙 - Frozen pork knuckles

The last one is quite special. It's a dish made of pork knuckles which are cut in a way so to get cubes, which are stored in a freezer (that's because they're called "frozen"). The result is a sort of meat jelly, but quite consistent and fresh, especially appreciated when the weather is hot.

The restaurant is quite crowded during the weekends, especially in the evening. The first floor can just host few people, the upper floor is the main dining room with both square and big round tables. In the hot days, if there are many guest, the air inside can be quite uncomfortable if you aren't used to. You won't see many foreigners there, I think respect to the Western standard this restaurant it's a bit low. The many fans inside can blow like a stormy wind 1F32C , locals love fans so much, but they sometimes could let you feel disappointed, as pieces of paper begin to fly around, long hair goes everywhere and the food colds quickly. I agree that it's not a very comfortable and peaceful place where to eat, but if you can stand all this, the food won't disappoint you. Prices are affordable. Service... mmmmm... 1F 612


金城鎮 Kinmen County 893
Latitude: 24.432224000000
Longitude: 118.316403800000
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