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家竹亭 Japanese cuisine

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I went to eat lunch with some friends in Xitun District, Taichung City. The name of the restaurant is 家竹亭, it offers Japanese dishes, especially rice bowls 1F35A. Quite unformal, not easy to find a place where to park the car (and either the motorcycle). Not many tables, a bit narrow, better to book or you'll need to wait.

From the top, the list of ordered dishes, as they're written on the menu:

  1. Rice covered with breaded pork chops and eggs 1f373- 2
  2. Rice covered with sliced beef and eggs, salad as side dish (x2) 1F 356
  3. Cooked noodles with sliced squid 1f35c- 2

Not bad at all, and the portions won't leave you hungry.

No. 166-59, Section 3, Xitun Road, Xitun District
Taichung City TXG 407
Latitude: 24.190269900000
Longitude: 120.613315000000
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