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Espresso Sparkling at 咖啡林咖啡 - Coffeeling in Kaohsiung

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If you're near the Formosa Boulevard MTR station in Kaohsiung, you can't miss 咖啡林咖啡 - Coffeeling. A nice,  peaceful, informal place where to drink a special coffee and forget the noise, the smog and the traffic outside 1F 637 Also has a nice view of the glass made entrance of the MTR, from the 2nd floor.

Open you mind, and forget those boring Americano, Espresso, Latte, & Capuccino! There you can experiment many different, incredible coffee blends  2615 . The one I've chosen, is called Espresso Sparkling 1f37e- 2 : it's served cold, very cold, with ice cubes, in a tumbler glass. And... it tastes of beer 1f37a- 2 ! I'm not kidding, but apart from the gas in the drink, it really has a strong background taste of beer. The best drink for a hot day 1F44D

For reference, I add the FB page:

Kaohsiung KHH 800
Latitude: 22.631707600000
Longitude: 120.301292200000
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