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Japanese style soup and fried rice - 京棧

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Today I've eaten at this Japanese style restaurant in 賢厝村。 There's a 1F17F for cars too. Small inside, it offers Japanese style cuisine, but not exactly the same kind of recipes which you cna find in restaurants in cities like Taipei or Kaohsiung. This is a kind of fusion between a general idea of the Japanese cuisine and the local taste.  I've ordered as appetizer 醬燒雞皮串,綜合丸子串,香烤米血糕,杏鮑菇,then a simple fried rice 1f35a- 2 and a "seafood noodles soup" 1f 990 , with of course seafood, vegetables but also pork and egg 1f373- 2. Despite the egg, you can't compare it with a sort of "oolong mian", because the noodlese were those thin and smooth. 1f35c- 2

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