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Delicious homemade bruschetta with tomatoes & chanterelle

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The bruschetta is a typical Italian dish. It is prepared with some common ingredients from the Mediterranean area. Bread, tomato, olive oil, garlic, herbs. It looks easy to prepare, but as long as the time passes, new extravagant versions have appeared all around the world. From the one with guacamole, to that with sushi, to that with chocholate cream, and also with different kind of bread. Sometimes with very scary results… whiplash


Today I’ll show you a classic bruschetta with tomato and another type with chanterelle mushrooms.


Some steps are the same for both.


Wash, clean from seeds and cut the tomatoes in small dices. I personally don’t peel them, nor boil them, but if you’re afraid about chemicals, then better to do it. I don’t need to tell you how many tomatoes to use, you can find out by yourself for sure. 1f345- 2

Cut the bread 1F35E in 2cm thick slices. Toast 1F525 it. Once ready, add some olive oil on the surface, then rub a hunk of garlic on it. Add the tomato and over it some oregano or fresh basil leafs. That’s it!

1F 344 About the chanterelle, buy them fresh if possible. Of course they must be cleaned first. Cut the mushrooms in small dices. Then pour 2 spoons of olive oil into a frying pan. Warm the oil, add some onion, (slices or dices) and two hunks of raw garlic, fry slightly paying attention not to burn the onion 1F 330 and garlic. Add the chanterelle and keep mixing everything for about 10 minutes, more if you’re cooking many mushrooms. If you feel it’s getting to dry, you can add some water (½ glass). Before the end, add some salt and pepper, and just before finishing, some chopped parsley. If you like, you can also add other herbs, but not too much, otherwise the taste of the mushrooms will be covered by the herbs. Let them cold down, once ready, you can put them on the bread. By the way, chanterelle aren’t the only type of mushrooms which you can use for this recipe. 1f344- 2


It could look a bit silly, but the first and most important ingredient, when you want to prepare the traditional bruschetta, is the bread. I’ve seen somebody preparing it with the white bread for toast 1f35e- 2 , but Imho, that can’t be called bruschetta. Finding a suitable kind can be sometimes a real challenge. In Taiwan for example is almost impossible, because the bread tastes sweet (it is considered a kind of cake), while it shouldn’t, better a bit salty, if you can find it; the better choice is the French baguette. But if you can can count on a bigger variety, chose one with a hard crust and not so thick crumb. In Italy, they use bread called Casereccio, Pugliese, Toscano, Ciabatta, etc…

About the olive oil, the best choice is a Mediterranean oil. I would suggest an Italian or Greek oil, but if you think to spend less than 9US$ for a 1l bottle, then probably it’s not worth. As always if you can find a (certified) farm which directly sells it, it’s much better than the supermarket. Unfortunately many industrial made oils, although the label shows “Made in Italy”, “Made in Spain”, etc, doesn’t allow you to know where the olives really come from, which makes the difference. If on the label you can find the origin of the olives, and they come form the same place where the oil is made, then I personally would chose that make. Big nouns in the industry of olive oil doesn’t always guarantee about the origin of ingredients. Made in Italy, Greek, Croatia, etc, means that it’s prepared there, but doesn’t tell you where the basic ingredients come from. Don’t underestimate the importance of the olive oil: once you’ve tasted the industrial made and the farm made, you’ll understand the big difference.

About tomatoes, if possible chose small and round tomatoes 1F 345, which are also suitable for a mixed salad for example. Among those commonly used in Italy, you can chose those called Ciliegino (plum), Perino, Datterino, or the more common tomato bunch.

And about the fresh chanterelle, the only thing I feel to suggest, is to check the package in the supermarket (since I assume you aren’t all lucky enough to live close to a forest where to find them) to be sure that the mushrooms aren’t dry, and therefore already old.


Enjoy this yummy and easy Summer Italian recipe. Let me know if you know other ways to prepare it. 1F 594 1F60B






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